Women passengers save Rs 1,000 cr with Telangana free bus scheme

Under the Mahalakshmi scheme, girls, women, and transgender people from Telangana can travel on TSRTC buses for free

Hyderabad: The Mahalakshmi free bus ride scheme, introduced by the Congress government in Telangana, has emerged as a significant source of financial relief for women and transgender individuals across the state. Official sources reveal that in just four months, since its inception till April 7, the scheme collectively saved them a remarkable Rs 1,177 crore.

This initiative has transformed commuting for women and paved the way for substantial economic empowerment. Under the Mahalakshmi scheme, girls, women, and transgender individuals domiciled in Telangana can travel for free on TSRTC buses.

Launched on December 9, 2023, the scheme has witnessed a surge in the usage of TSRTC buses. Initially, around 14 lakh women availed the complimentary travel facility daily, which steadily increased. Now, an impressive average of 29.67 lakh women commute daily by bus.

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Throughout December, January, February, and March, the number of women passengers continued to rise steadily. On average, 26.99 lakh, 28.10 lakh, 30.56 lakh, and 31.42 lakh women utilized the scheme during these months, respectively.

In Hyderabad alone, approximately six lakh women benefit from the complimentary bus travel scheme every day. Previously, women had to spend up to Rs 1,500 on bus passes and fares.

The scheme allows women, girls, and transgender individuals to travel for free anywhere within the State’s borders on City Ordinary, Metro Express, Palle Velugu, and Express buses.

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