World Champion Malika Handa continues her fight for ‘equal rights’

New Delhi: Malika Handa, a specially-abled Chess player on Tuesday reiterated her call for having equal rights after she was denied a job and cash reward by the Punjab sports minister because the state doesn’t have a policy for deaf sports.

Malika Handa, who has bagged a gold medal and two silver medals at the World Deaf Chess Championships, made an appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Respected PM Modi. I am Malika Handa (deaf chess player ) I am First Deaf Chess Player from India who win these Medals at International. I won 2 Gold Medals in World deaf & Asian Championship and four silver Medals in Asian deaf, Disabled & world championship. 7 times – Gold National Chess Championship,” Malika Handa said in a tweet.

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“I also awardee National awardee from President of India as Best sportspersons in 2019. But I have never got any Job offer and Not Cash Award by Punjab Govt.. as Punjab Govt have not Policy for deaf Chess player.

“We should given Equal Right (Deaf players) as Given to Para players as Punjab Govt give Big Cash award and Job to Para player But our Punjab Govt ignore my achivements as a Deaf and mute Chess player. Please give us Equal Rights,” she added.

Malika Handa on Sunday had said Punjab Sports Minister Pargat Singh informed her that the state government can’t give her a job and cash reward as the government does not have any such policy for deaf sports.

Handa met the Sports Minister on December 31, where he informed the player that she is ineligible for job and cash award because they do not have a policy for deaf sports.

After this Malika Handa’s mother, Renu Handa on Monday slammed the Punjab government and its Sports Minister Pargat Singh for not giving her daughter a job and cash reward promised to her by the earlier Amarinder Singh led government.

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