Zinda Dilan-e-Hyderabad mushaira: Laughter unlimited

Hyderabad: Smiles were back on the faces of Hyderabadis. So were guffaws. After two grim years of COVID pandemic they laughed to their heart’s content. The occasion was the eagerly looked forward to conference of Zinda Dilan-e-Hyderabad (ZDH), the annual programme of tanz-wo-mizah (satire and humour). Despite attempts by ZDH’s splinter group to throw spanner in the works, the two-day show got off to a good start. The programme was organised by ZDH in association with Telangana Tourism.

The mizahiya mushaira held at the Exhibition Grounds last evening was a roaring success. The biting winter chill notwithstanding, people turned up in good numbers and stayed put past midnight. It is the time of the year when a sense of humour prevails as ZDH holds his annual programme.  Hyderabadis simply let their hair down and laugh away the blues, whatever the situation. Be it the Adabi Ijlas, Mehfile Lateefa Goee or Mizahiya Mushaira, there was mirth unlimited. The best of humour writers and poets from all over the country ensured that people laughed their hearts out.

Humorous mushairas are usually a big draw since there is plenty to laugh about. But unfortunately, the lyrical excellence of the poets leaves a lot to be desired. Poet after poet tends to indulge in the same old ‘biwi and saas’ bashing to create mirth. Connoisseurs of good shayeri couldn’t help but squirm in their seats. This mushaira was no different. But there were some pleasant changes too. Poets like Kailash Bhand of Hyderabad and Sajjad Jhanjhat of Roorkee chose to differ and tickled the funny bone in a different way.

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Sharp observation is what matters in bringing out humour from everyday events. Young Kailash, who laced his poetry with chaste Hindi, thanked the audience for listening. He went on to say how these days none listens to anyone. Son doesn’t listen to his father, daughter-in-law doesn’t listen to her mother-in-law, Rahulji doesn’t pays attention to Soniaji, country doesn’t care Kajeriwal and Modiji kisi ke baap ki nahin sunte. Sample some of his verses:

Kavion ke mehfil mein aao kis ne bola tha
Aaye bhi to ghazal sunao kis ne bola tha
Ghyab huee angothi to ab rote baitho
Neta ji se haath milao kis ne bola tha
Naqli balon ka guccha haton mein aya
Uljhi unki lat sawaro kis ne bola tha
Ginte ginte bhool gaye na ginti sari
Leader ke ‘aib ginwao kis ne bola tha

Some poets weaved humorous verses taking a line of poets like Allama Iqbal or adopting popular proverbs. Sample verses of Ahmed Zia of Nizamabad:

Idhar jari ibadaat  hai, udhar rishwat bhi jari hai
Hai maahar lootne mein, aur Khuda ka dar bhi tari hai
Hai aisa haal kyon pucha to usne kaha mujh se
Ye khaki apni fitrat mein na noori hai na nari hai

Luta doon maal sara, jaan bhi de doon phir bhi bolegi
Bahut nikley mere armaan magar phir bhi kam nikley

Sajjad Jhanjhat of Roorkee regaled audience both with his funny verses and style of rendition. He drew lot of applause for these verses:

Aulad ek sau ek thi jo ek lohar ki
Biwi se bole ye meri daulat hai pyaar ki
Biwi  ka tha jawab aji rehne do miyaN
In mein hai sau sunar ki, bus ek lohar ki

Dil hai mera mobile, to tum sim ho meri jaan
Hai lifetime recharge ye mobile hamara
Wo boli agar sach hai to bus itna bata do
Mobile double sim to nahin hai a tumhara

Sundar of Malegaon, who was introduced as the most handsome poet, stoutly defended his dark complexion. People are under the wrong impression that white complexioned people are most beautiful. “But those who know black beauty know the truth”, he remarked bringing the house down.

Ghazal ko naye istyare milenge
Jab inke hamare sitare milenge
Corruption ki fehrist mein dekhna tum
Hukumat ke sare idare milenge
Jahan par na pahuncha ye suraj kabhi bhi
Wahan  par bhi shayer hamare milenge
Ye hai raajniti ka hamam Sundar
Yehan ek jaise hi sare milenge
Chacha Palmuri sent audience into peals of laughter with his typical style of rendition. There was demand for mukrar irshad (encore) several times.

Ajeeb jod hai hamsaye bhaijani ka
Hami pe dhate hai qahr wo murghbani ka
Wo apni murghi ko chod dete hain dar-ba-dar chugney
Apne murghe pe ilzam hai chedqhani ka
Subho ko uthko pani bhare tho maloom hota
Usse phele fajar padhe to maloom hota
Inki unki dawat kharain namaan rakhrein
Dawat tum bhi ghar main kare to maloom hota

Senior Hindi poet, Narender Rai, Shadab Anjum, Shahid Adili also presented their works. Elizebeth Kurian Mona, the only poetess, showed that she was second to none when it comes to humour. Sample her verses:

Thandi thandi ahen shyer bhartin kiku
Itti zalim mehbuba po martin kiku
Chori chup ko milrain yan-wan potta-potti
Pyar kiyey to dunya se phir dartain kiku

Not to be left behind Home Minister, Mahmood Ali, also recited a couplet drawing loud cheers. He said:

Saleeqe se hawaon mein khusboo ghol dete hain
Abhi kuch log baqi hain jo Urdu bol sakte hain
Earlier Mushaira convener, Aleem Khan Falaki, set the humour ball rolling by thanking the audience for cooperating in delayed start of the programme in keeping with the Hyderabadi tradition.

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