AAP launches song for MCD polls, Sisodia says people will wipe out BJP

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday launched its theme song for the MCD elections — ‘Janta Ki Taiyyari Hai, Kejriwal Ki Baari Hai’. The song was released by AAP leader and Dy CM Manish Sisodia.

While launching the song, Sisodia said, “MCD’s primary task was to keep Delhi clean; however BJP colossally failed to perform its duty. People gave one chance to Arvind Kejriwal and he transformed education-healthcare, gave free electricity, sent elderly for free pilgrimage; while BJP only gave garbage mountains during its 17 years of reign in MCD”.

He said that in the upcoming MCD election the only slogan echoing across Delhi is ‘MCD mein bhi Kejriwal’. People are extremely fed up with the BJP and they are raising this slogan enthusiastically.

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“If CM Arvind Kejriwal could bring so much progress in merely 5 years, why couldn’t BJP-ruled MCD do anything in 17 years. BJP wreaked havoc in Delhi for 17 years; every Delhiite is asking what did BJP do in the past 17 years?”, he asked

“With MCD elections inching closer, people of Delhi have chosen a theme song for the elections. They are the ones who framed the theme of this election which is ‘MCD mein bhi Kejriwal’. They are extremely cautious that if by any mistake BJP again comes to power in MCD, their streets will remain filthy for the next 5 years as well. Delhi has 3 garbage mountains currently and they will increase to 16”, he concluded.

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