After coke, pastry, mango, please welcome Vimal Pan Masala Maggi

We thought it was all over after Mango Maggi, Chocolate Pastry Maggi and Coke Maggi. But alas, the agony is not yet over. Influencers can go to any extreme to get their posts viral.

Agony Aunt Maggi returns only this time mixed with Vimal Pan Masala, a gutka product containing tobacco. The “dish” was discovered by Indore-based Youtuber Rohit Chouhan who has 14.8k subscribers.

Rohit is seen relishing a bowl of Maggi mixed with Vimal Pan Masala. This seals the fact that education is not enough, one needs common sense too.

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Although Rohit’s Instagram bio says, “All types funny comedy video creator”, this video failed to an extent to serve that purpose.

In the video that he captioned “dane dane me kesar ka dam,” the catchphrase for Vimal Pan Masal, shows the YouTuber opening the packet and adding it on a freshly prepared Maggi. He then mixes it thoroughly and eats, sitting on a bike.

The video received a mixed form of reactions with many laughing it off. One user commented on the dangers of consuming tobacco directly while another asked, “Chillii flakes nahi daala isne toh” (No chilli flakes).

Another commented, “Trend hone keliye lok kya kya karte hai…” (What all people do to trend on the internet) while another commented, “Earth end is near.” 

Let’s just conclude: We do not deserve Maggi.

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