Anurag Dobhal says he had suicidal thoughts after Bigg Boss 17

Anurag said that this was the reality which was never shown

Mumbai: YouTuber Anurag Dobhal, who was seen in ‘Bigg Boss 17’, in an explosive vlog revealed that he had thoughts of self harm after he was evicted from the show as the makers didn’t let him meet his family.

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Anurag shared a vlog on YouTube, and captioned it: “Big Boss 17 And Salman Khan Exposed – The Untold Truth.”

He recounted his entire journey from YouTube to coming on television. He spoke about his initial fights with Ankita Lokhande over claims that influencers are visible because of television actors in the show. He said that he felt he was alone in the ‘Bigg Boss 17’ house.

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He then spoke about Bro Sena and how he couldn’t take how everyone was joking about his fan base.

He said: “I didn’t know that if I express myself it would backfire like this and Salman sir, who is the host of the show wouldn’t like to talk to me. I can’t tell you how lonely you feel when the entire house, show, Bigg Boss and even Salman sir is against you.”

“I was just begging for my reputation and the reputation of my bro sena,” he said in the over 30 minutes-long video.

He then revealed that he was made to do a walk of shame in the show in the activity area of the house as a task.

Anurag said: “I can never forget that day because I knew I have to face that embarrassment. Something I had never faced in my life.”

The YouTuber claimed that he would cry in the bathroom everyday for an hour and when he would come out he would show that he is ready for a fight.

“Then came the twist, when Bigg Boss realised we can’t break Anurag, they planned an eviction,” he said.

He said in the planned eviction task, Bigg Boss showed clips of rule break he had made earlier and for which he was already nominated for the entire season.

Anurag said that Isha Malviya, who was supposed to to call the shots for evictions was “forced to change her decision” by taking Anurag’s name in the archive room.

After the eviction in the following week, Anurag revealed why he was having “suicidal thoughts in the hotel,” where he was put up.

He said: “When I was coming out and when I was put up in the hotel … I was not allowed to contact my family for two days… the show was done.. I felt how much are they torturing me. I was already in a place where I had no contact with the outside world or my parents.”

“They didn’t let me talk to my family nor they gave me my phone. When I was there for two days I had suicidal thoughts I was thinking what have I done that I am still going through this.”

Anurag said that this was the reality which was never shown.

“God was there and hence I didn’t take any drastic step in the hotel… This is the reality that Bigg Boss never showed. But then I gave interviews and the internet showed support,” Anurag said.

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