‘Baigan, chindi chor,’ Here are 25 popular Hyderabadi phrases

Hyderabadi language or Dakhni is the amalgamation of Urdu, Hindi and Telugu

Hyderabad is not just a city but an emotion, agree? The ‘City of Nizams and Pearls’ embraces vivid cultures and traditions from all the walks of life. Apart from its lifestyle and food, the metropolis is also known for its slang. Whether you’re from any neighbouring state, any another part of the country or from some corner across the globe, you are bound to come across some classic Hyderabadi and its phrases when you are in the city.

Hyderabadi language or Dakhni is the amalgamation of Dehalvi (Hindustani), Marathi (words like Kaiku, Nakko, Hau etc are Marathi), Kannada and Telugu and everyone finds it fascinating especially the epic one liners and some of them are quite hilarious.

There are many phrases that are the same but used in different scenarios for example the term ‘Over’ is used as something that has crossed limit, like ‘Sir over padha diye aaj or mummy over baat’an sunna diye‘. The clue here is to understand the emotion rather focusing on the words used.

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Here are some of the most common phrases used by Hyderabadi folks!

When you are furious,

Bawa ki road samjhe?
Maar ke muh phod detu
Bhairi khata
Jate khate?
Lida lida ke maartu!

When Hyderabadis are irritated, just dont mess up with them!

Kaiku aise haule chala karra?
Over kar dere yaaro
Baigan ke baatan nako karo
Bhaga bhaga ke maartau
Dimag kharab nako kar!!
Chindi chor chala nakko kar
Ja bhai jaa
Chilara kaiku re?

When we are tired or low,

Kaisa Kaisa kich hora meku
Kuppa hogayi haalat

Check out other popular phrases below.

Bade bade baatan
Koun hai ki kya hai ki
Mout dal dere
Lite lo yaaro
Khali peeli
Dabake bhook lagri
Halak tak khaya
Tunn hogaya
Aount lera kaiku
Yaha tak jainge ayinge chalo
Khatte pozaan
Ayein or Ayee-hayee
Mazak se hatt se ke bolru
Haibati kama nako kar
Phatke halakh mein aagayi
Arey iflaz
Dene ka bolo, kitta hua ki
Mera naam bol jaa ke
Aando or jaando
Kholo Yaaro
Ched le nako re bhai
Bala ka paisa

People in Hyderabad add ‘aan’ to every plural word. For example, plural of light is ‘Lightaan’, Galli (lane) ‘galliyaan’, baat (talk) ‘baataan’, phone ‘phonaa’, to name a few.

Aap logon ka favorite one-liner konsa hai? Zara niche comments section mein share karo jaldi!

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