‘Bigg Boss 16’: Abdu Rozik’s golden period of captaincy may come to an end

Abdu Rozik's reign might come to an end with a new task given by the makers

Mumbai: Abdu Rozik’s captaincy has been tagged as one of the best till now in the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. However, his reign might come to an end with a new task given by the makers.

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The master of the house announces a gold mining task and its outcome will determine if Abdu retains his captaincy or not. With Priyanka appointed as the sanchalak, the task involves housemates playing the role of miners.

In the task, two contestants go to the gold mine (the swimming pool area) once a siren sounds off, they have to collect a bag full of gold and store it in the godown of their choice. There are two godowns labelled as ‘For Abdu’ and ‘Change Abdu’.

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Once the siren goes off again, the sanchalak must allow the next two miners to get to the mining drill. At the end of the task, the sanchalak must tally the gold in both godowns and declare which one possesses more. If the gold in the ‘For Abdu’ godown is more, then Abdu retains his captaincy if not, then captaincy will change hands.

The catch here is that the sanchalak may send the same miner to the mining area repeatedly and decide to keep a few miners off the mine. If a certain bag is not stuffed properly, the sanchalak can reject the contents from going to the godowns.

While the ambition of the housemates to earn captaincy is being challenged by ‘Bigg Boss’, alliances and friendships are forming and breaking rapidly. In tonight’s episode, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta, who seem to have feelings for each other bicker away over Tina’s views.

In a fit of anger, Shalin suggests that Tina should play the game on her own and leave him alone. Tina rebuts that she has never held him back and a hurt Shalin reminds her that he always stood by her.

He complains that she has made fun of their equation and that he’s exhausted from her ‘oversmart attitude’.

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