BJP creating hatred, waging war on Indian Muslims, alleges Owaisi

Hyderabad: Accusing the BJP of creating hatred against Muslims in the country, AIMIM (All-India Majlis-e-Ittehadul-Muslimeen) chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Friday alleged that the saffron party and Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre have declared a war against them.

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Owaisi asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop the incidents of hatred, saying it is weakening the country.

“In our country, BJP has created a storm of hatred against Muslims. Muslims don’t lose patience and courage. Fight this oppression by being within the Constitution, said the AIMIM president and Hyderabad MP.

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Addressing ‘Jalse Yaum-Ul-Quran’ on the Mecca Masjid premises here on the occasion of Jumat Ul-Vida (last Friday of Ramzan), Owaisi said, “The BJP wants to put so much pressure on Muslims, and hurt them so they will eventually take to arms…”

“We want to tell the Prime Minister to stop this hatred. This is weakening the country. Your party and your government/regime have declared a war against Indian Muslims, Owaisi alleged, saying, We are respectable citizens of this country. Our lives also matter .

Referring to the bulldozer row, Owaisi said houses of Muslims were demolished in Khargone city and Sendhwa in Madhya Pradesh. Calls are given to boycott Muslims and not to buy from their shops. Recently, in Haryana, those calling themselves ‘gau rakshaks’ (cow vigilantes) grabbed the beard of an elderly person and thrashed him. Similarly, another person was taken away from his house, alleging that he’d slaughtered a cow and he was thrashed, too, he said.

“We know several incidents are happening in our country. I get several phone calls and people tell me, Asaduddin Owaisi, our houses and shops are being demolished. We are being destroyed…some say they are scared and some others are saying they are worried. I am telling you there is no need to panic…be courageous,” Owaisi said.

Owaisi, who also got emotional during his address, told Muslims not to lose hope and courage.

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