BJP minister, trolls share ‘fake’ video of Rahul Gandhi’s Hyderabad speech

The doctored video omits references to Dalits, Tribals, OBCs, and economically disadvantaged general caste individuals, distorting the context of Gandhi's speech.

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-Muslim ‘hate speech’ in Banswara, Rajasthan, a video of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been circulating on social media, where it appears that he is discussing taking away the rights and property of Hindus.

However, upon closer examination, it was found that the video was doctored to misrepresent Gandhi’s actual speech.

The original video, shot during the Congress manifesto announcement in Hyderabad, shows Rahul Gandhi addressing a large gathering, including Dalits, Tribals, OBCs, economically disadvantaged, and minorities. However, the edited version selectively retained only the part where he mentioned “Iske baad hum financial or institutional survey karenge, desh ke x-ray kar denge.”

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In the video, Rahul Gandhi is heard stating, “Desh ke x-ray kar denge. Doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani ho jayega.”

This manipulation of the video by right-wing trolls, including BJP MP Giriraj has sparked controversy and allegations of Hinduphobia and communal speech against Gandhi.

The edited clip has been shared widely.

Fact-checking sources like Alt News, Radio Free, India Today, and The Quint have debunked the edited video, highlighting that Gandhi’s speech encompassed a broader discussion about conducting surveys to determine the rights and shares of various marginalised groups in society, not just minorities.

The edited video omitted references to Dalits, Tribals, OBCs, and economically disadvantaged general caste individuals, distorting the context of Gandhi’s speech.

The critics flagged concern and said sharing of edited videos to misrepresent political leaders’ statements is a concerning trend that can fuel communal discord and spread misinformation.

BJP MP Giriraj Singh posted the video, claiming that Rahul Gandhi was openly discussing how to takle away Hindus’ rights and property.

Giriraj Singh, a prominent BJP leader, has a history of sharing fake videos and statements of political leaders.

In 2014, Singh made a controversial statement that Narendra Modi’s critics would be sent to Pakistan.

In 2022, Singh shared an edited video of Tejashwi Yadav, where he was speaking about generating 10 lakh jobs for the young people of Bihar. This led to controversy, as the edited video made it seem like Yadav was making false promises about job creation.

Singh has also been known to share fake news and misinformation. In 2021, he shared an article by an impostor BBC News website, which termed the Congress as the world’s second most corrupt party.

Giriraj Singh has also been criticised for making misogynistic remarks against women leaders, including a woman chief minister in India

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