BJP, TRS enacting dramas to hide failures: Uttam Kumar Reddy

Hyderabad: Congress MP & former TPCC president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy has accused both the BJP and TRS parties of betraying the people of Telangana for the last eight years and now enacting dramas to hide their failures.

Speaking to media persons on the sidelines of the Rachabanda/Rythu Bharosa Yatra in the Nalgonda Lok Sabha constituency on Monday as part of a Statewide campaign to enlighten the farmers about the Warangal Declaration unveiled by AICC leader Rahul Gandhi on May 6, Uttam Kumar Reddy ridiculed both BJP and TRS for questioning the performance of each other’s government at the Centre and in Telangana State. “Both BJP and TRS are ruling parties and they are duty-bound to give answers to the questions being raised by the Congress party, the real Opposition. However, both BJP and TRS want to don the role of both, the ruling party as well as the Opposition,” he said.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi completely skipped the mention of promises made with Telangana in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act which included setting up of a Railway Coach Factory at Warangal, a steel plant at Bayyaram, a power plant of 4,000 MW by NTPC and a Tribal University. Similarly, he did not speak a single word on why the Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR), approved by the previous Congress-led UPA Govt for Hyderabad, was shelved. He should’ve at least mentioned a word about the status of his promises like two crore jobs a year and Rs 15 lakh in every account. He simply read out a script dictated by TRS and washed off his hands,” Uttam Kumar Reddy alleged.

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Similarly, Uttam said the TRS Govt too must explain the status of implementation of the promises it made to the people. “KCR Govt did not implement a single promise it made with the people. It symbolically implemented a few schemes and used them as posters to make false claims of development,” he alleged. Citing an instance, he said only a few hundred 2BHK units were constructed and distributed. However, those images and videos are being misused to claim distribution of over three lakh units.

“CM KCR has ridiculously threatened to topple the Modi Govt at the Centre while PM Modi has maintained a strange silence on corrupt activities of KCR and his family members. The recent speeches of PM Modi, CM KCR and BJP-TRS leaders are a clear indication that they are engaged in a fake confrontation with each other to keep the people’s attention diverted from real issues,” he said while appealing to the people to understand the tactics being used by BJP-TRS leaders to hide their failures. He reiterated that both BJP and TRS were sides of the same coin

Reddy also condemned the KCR Govt for the delay in the release of Rythu Bandhu amounts in farmers’ accounts. As per the available figures, as against Rs. 7,508 crore earmarked for providing ‘Rythu Bandhu’ assistance to over 68.1 lakh farmers, as of now, only Rs. 1820 crore have been deposited into the bank accounts of 36.3 lakh farmers. He said that the sowing for Kharif season has already begun and therefore, by now the State Govt should’ve disbursed the amount to all the farmers. By delaying the release of the Rythu Bandhu fund, the KCR Govt is forcing the farmers to borrow loans from private lenders at high-interest rates.

The Congress MP demanded that the State Govt release the pending dues of the Rythu Bandhu scheme to all the farmers on an immediate basis. Else, he warned that the Congress party would launch agitations at the village level. He also asked the BJP Govt at the Centre to announce that it would purchase the entire paddy and other crops being cultivated in Telangana during Kharif by giving a Minimum Support Price (MSP). He said the Congress party would soon launch a movement to expose the failures of the BJP and TRS Govts.

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