BTS’s Luxurious Homes: A glimpse into their lavish abodes

The BTS boys have come a long way from sharing a single-room apartment to now living in luxurious homes

Hyderabad: The Bangtan Boys, or BTS, began their journey in a modest flat and have since moved to an opulent high-end flat in Seoul’s upscale Hannam-dong district. The shared living area features teal-grey tones and spacious master bedrooms with large glass windows that flood the rooms with light. Their planter-adorned drawing room leads to a large backyard where the members relax. 

V’s Artistic Haven 

Kim Taehyung, alias V, owns a USD 4.55 million flat in Gangnam with views of the Han River and the Namasan Mountains. V’s artistic taste is evident, with a coral blue bedroom and a sitting area with sleek black leather sofas, a quirky and classy combination. 

Jungkook’s Extravagant Domain 

Jungkook’s lavish flat in the Trimage complex is said to have cost around USD 1.75 million in cash. Jungkook’s style shines through with spacious rooms, an elaborate drawing area, and even a balcony with a garden. In Itaewon, Korea, he is also building his dream three-story house. 

MS Education Academy

RM’s Artful Oasis 

RM’s Seoul apartment, valued at USD 11 million, exemplifies his passion for modern art. His minimalist art house resembles a museum, with priceless art pieces that reflect his taste. 

Others’ private homes

While members of BTS keep their personal lives private, glimpses into their lavish homes have emerged. Jimin is said to own a USD 5.3 million flat in Seoul’s upscale Porch neighbourhood. Suga spent USD 3 million on his apartment, Jin’s address is unknown, and J-Hope lives in a USD 1.6 million high-rise luxury apartment in Seoul. 

The BTS boys have come a long way from sharing a single-room apartment to now living in luxurious homes. Their journey reflects their hard work, success, and dedication to retaining their distinct personalities even in their living spaces. 

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