Codewizards teaches kids how to develop analytical thinking through medium of coding

Hyderabad: Codewizards is an online educational academy that teaches school kids how to develop analytical thinking through the medium of coding.

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At Codewizards, the main objective is to give a playground for children to develop their analytical thinking by making games with coding platforms, Scratch, Unity, Python and Java.

Although coding is a skill for the future, the primary motivation of Codewizards is in the work of Prof Seymour Papert, a luminary in the field of education theory.

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According to Papert’s theory, coding is a very good way to develop and sharpen analytical thinking in kids. The Codewizards teaching method believes in mixing structure with open exploration in line with Papert’s work.

Codewizards has past and present students from the USA, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, and Europe. Classes are conducted completely online over Zoom in batches of 4 students. Its students have developed lots of interesting projects many of which have been showcased on the Codewizards youtube channel.

Key Team members:

Anur Puniyani: Founder/CEO

Anur is a software engineer with 15 plus years of working experience in engineering and leadership roles. He has always been very passionate about education and has worked in an education-based NGO before entering the IT workforce. A zeal for entrepreneurship combined with a passion for education made him foray into entrepreneurship in 2019 by founding Codewizards academy.

Prof Jitendra Shah: Academic Advisor

Prof Shah is currently an adjunct faculty at IIT Bombay having worked as a professor with the prestigious VJTi college in Mumbai for over 2 decades. Prof. Shah is deeply passionate about Prof Papert’s vision of education and has worked on educational initiatives that aimed to implement his vision on the ground.

Those interested can contact Codewizards academy by dialing 7032512444

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