Conspiracy to destruct Nizam Era monuments

Hyderabad: There seems to be a deep conspiracy to remove the Nizam era’s cultural and historical monuments and the state government’s dubious silence shows its tacit complicity in this sordid saga.

The state government itself had a plan to demolish “Iram Manzil” and the Osmania hospital buildings but due to the timely intervention of the social activists, the plan failed.  

Now an effort is being made to demolish the interior structures of King Koti Palace to appropriate the prime land.

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Though the state government had made several promises to safeguard the Asifia era’s historical and cultural heritage, the TRS nominated representatives themselves are playing a role in the destruction of these monuments.

There was a ruckus on Tuesday to force entry from the back gate of King Koti Palace to occupy the lands of the Palace. However, after the timely intervention of the local people and the police arresting a few people it became clear that the henchmen of a ruling party MLA whose name was earlier cited in Ashurkhana Ali Saad Maheshwaram Waqf lands are involved in the attempt to take possession of  Nazri Bagh. It is being said that the attempt to force entry from the backside area of King Koti’s palace was part of a well-thought plan to occupy the back side lands of the Palace.

The sale of the King Koti Palace issue is becoming controversial with each passing day.  One real estate businessman said to be close to a local political party is claiming to have purchased the palace lands.  Similarly, a city jeweler Sukesh Gupta is also said to be among those who claimed to have purchased King Koti Palace lands.

Niharika Infrastructures,  Builders, and developers, too claim that they have acquired the ownership of King Koti Palace.  There are several others making such claims.

Irrespective of these claims,  it is the duty of the state government – particularly the Department of Municipal Administration – and the Ministry of Tourism to safeguard the city’s iconic cultural heritage monuments and its lands.

Last month,  Khusro Manzil, a historical monument in the heart of the city was demolished by builders who were granted building permission by the GHMC to undertake the construction of a residential complex at the site.  This is a clear indication that political influence was used in the demolition of that historical structure.

King Koti Palace is the place from where the last Nizam Nawab Mir Usman Ali Khan ruled the erstwhile Hyderabad State in Deccan.  This historical palace is being destroyed now.

By repairing and renovating the city’s arches the state government is trying to give an impression that it is safeguarding the city’s cultural heritage. It is the prime duty of the state government to allocate a budget for preserving the state’s cultural monument by its repair and renovation.

The residents of King Koti Palace said that those hailing from the neighboring states do not have an idea about the significance of this historical palace.  Without causing damage to the outer walls they are trying to demolish structures within the walls to destroy all signs of this historic place.

Now it is up to the activists interested in preserving the historical and cultural monuments to launch a campaign to safeguard King Koti Palace.  These monuments are not merely structures and lands but they are part of a magnificent era and its vibrant history.

There are many Asifia Era monuments not only in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad but across many districts which are vulnerable to destruction with the complicit silence of the state government. If this trend is allowed to continue there will not be any signs of the  Asifia era’s cultural monuments left anymore.

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