Court rejects Satyendar Jain’s plea seeking special food

The court had sought a reply from the Tihar jail authorities regarding Jain's complaint about not getting food items as per his religious beliefs.

New Delhi: Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court on Saturday rejected the AAP jailed minister Satyendar Jain’s plea seeking food as per his religious beliefs and health issues during judicial custody.

The petition was dismissed by Special Judge Vikas Dhull.

Jain is lodged in Tihar jail in connection with a money laundering case.

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On Saturday, the prison administration stated there is no request available with the office of the Superintendent Central Jail where Jain had informed about himself observing fast in accordance with his religious beliefs.
Hence, the prison admisnistration is no way liable to provide him food according to his fast.

The court, on Wednesday, had sought a reply from the Tihar Jail authorities regarding Jain’s complaint about not getting food items as per his religious beliefs.

Jail counsel Abhijit Shankar said, “First of all he is observing a particular fast which he didn’t inform jail authorities about.” Shankar contended that the nuts Jain is asking for have never been given to any inmate in the jail’s history and they cannot be given.

Shankar informed the court that Jain had used another inmate’s card to buy things. “There is an inquiry being conducted and we have identified the prisoner,” he said.

He argued that dry fruits cannot be a substitute for the main meal just because Jain is on a religious fast. He mentioned the jail senior medical officer’s report of November 11, where the doctor has asked Jain to have a proper meal.

Moreover, according to Shankar, dry fruits are not given to anyone. They are provided only when the medical officer allows it or in cases of foreigners when the embassy seeks it. Shankar said that the Tihar Jail administration supplies a balanced and nutritious diet uniformly to all the prisoners irrespective of caste, creed, sex, etc.

“It’s wrong to expect the prison administration to give special treatment to an inmate. He can take fruits and vegetables if he wants to,” Shankar said.

On Wednesday, Jain had said that he is still an undertrial prisoner and not a convict. He cannot be treated this way and made to starve or relinquish his religious beliefs and be denied his basic medical needs.

His application also stated that for the last 12 days, the jail authorities have stopped serving him raw fruits, vegetables, and dry fruits, prescribed by his doctors.

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