Covid testing at Hyderabad airport: Passenger questions reliability; narrates ordeal

20 international passengers who carried negative PCR reports from previous night were declared COVID positive at Hyderabad airport on Friday. Some of them later retook the tests and tested negative again.

Hyderabad: Twenty passengers witnessed a nightmare at Hyderabad Airport on Friday as they were about to board an Air Arabia flight to Sharjah. The passengers tested positive for COVID-19 and were not allowed to board the flight.

The surprising fact is that three of the passengers, Yasmeen Siraj and her two daughters who tested positive at Hyderabad Airport soon tested negative when they took home-kit test.

Cost of Rapid RTPCR Test

Speaking to, Yasmeen said that the authorities at the airport charged them an exorbitant amount of Rs. 2900 for Rapid RTPCR Test when the same test costs Rs. 250 at diagnostic centres. “And then, it gave wrong results,” she claimed.

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Yasmeen also said that 20 passengers along with her were not allowed to board the flight after their results came positive.

The passengers were shocked as they all had negative PCR reports from the previous night.

Narrating the incident which took place after the test results came in, she said, “One of the passengers who tested positive argued with the staff showing them that he had just recovered from COVID-19 a few weeks ago and that it would be extremely unlikely for him to test positive again. Through his persistence, he retook the rapid antigen test, although met by much resistance from the airport authorities.”

Passengers made to wait for two and half hours

Meanwhile, all the passengers were herded into an area and made to wait for two and a half hours.

Giving the details of the result of person who had undergone the test again, she said that the passenger received a negative result.

Surprised over a positive and a negative result in the span of two hours, she asked, “How reliable is this and how are we supposed to trust such tests at the airport.”

Commenting on Mapmygenome India, the lab that undertakes Covid testing at the Hyderabad airport, she said, “Not sure if any of us have COVID, but we are certain that Mapmygenome India is completely unreliable and making tons of money.”

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