Dubai customs seize 26.45 kg of marijuana hidden in onion shipments

Dubai Customs on Wednesday, February 28, seized 26.45 kgs of marijuana from an African country that was hidden in a shipment of red onions.

Taking to X, the authority said customs officials grew suspicious of the air freight shipment and carried out a thorough examination using X-ray detection devices which revealed varying densities in the images, leading to the discovery of 14.85 kilograms of marijuana.

Another shipment from the same African country arrived several hours later, describing similar goods (red onions), but with different exporter names. It underwent examination and revealed 11.6 kg of marijuana upon X-ray inspection

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Dubai Customs is dedicated to preventing drug addiction and employing advanced technologies to detect smuggling attempts, ensuring societal protection.

The customs employs advanced security measures, including early warning systems, X-ray detection, and specially trained K9 dog units, to combat smuggling.

In January, Dubai Customs prevented a smuggling attempt of 234,000 opioid analgesics, Tramadol pills, from an Asian country, disguised within a towel shipment.

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