Exhibition 2022: Curbs extended, revival not likely for another 10 days

Hyderabad: With the State Government’s decision to extend the implementation of the GOMS for another 10 days it is likely that the exhibition 2022 will not be revived for another 10 days.

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The State Government had issued GOMS 6 on Monday where the GOMS issued on January 1 was referred to extend restrictions until January 20.

Earlier, after the inauguration of the exhibition, the City Police had sent a memo to the Exhibition Society to instruct them to suspend the exhibition till January 10. Later on, the Commissioner City Police had issue directions for the cancellation of the exhibition 2022 which was to be held between January 12 to February 15.

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After the directions from the Police Commissioner, it was said that the revival of the exhibition is not likely during the current year. However, the very second day, the Police Commissioner withdrew his orders for the cancellation of the exhibition.

Now it is being said that the GOMS 1 issued on January 1 shall be implemented and the future of the exhibition shall be decided in accordance with the decision of the State Government.

The state government had issued GOMS 6 on January 9 to restrict public meetings, rallies and programs till January 20.

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