Extra marks granted to SSC candidates for Biology paper glitch

A senior official clarified, stating that while the questions weren't wrong, they strayed from the question paper's blueprint

Hyderabad: The School Education Department has announced that those SSC candidates who attempted the sixth question in part-II of the Biology paper will receive two additional marks.

The decision was made because the sixth question in section-II of the question paper, comprising three short-answer questions of four marks each, veered away from the question paper blueprint. These two extra marks are not grace marks and will only be awarded to students who attempted the question.

The question centered around the Coleoptile experiment, requiring students to analyze a diagram and respond to a subset of four questions, each carrying one mark. However, the first and second subsets did not align with the expected academic standards.

MS Education Academy

A senior official clarified, stating that while the questions weren’t wrong, they strayed from the question paper’s blueprint. This issue was highlighted by subject teachers during a video conference. After consulting with subject experts, it was decided to grant two marks, one for each question attempted by students.

Additionally, the department resolved to award marks for the fifth question, which had two correct answers. Students will receive credit if they provided either of the two correct responses.

The SSC results are likely to be announced on May 2-3, bringing clarity to students’ performance in the examinations.

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