Following Islam in daily life only way to save families from disintegration: JIH

Hyderabad: Disintegration of families has become the biggest problem in today’s time. The issue has in fact become a big social challenge. It is the need of the hour to follow the Islamic teachings to save the families from disintegration. Muslim families are too affected by various problems due to non practice of Islamic teachings in daily life which is impacting the children negatively. These opinions were expressed by the well-known heart specialist Dr Samiuzzaman while speaking in a public program organized Sunday at Chatta Bazar by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Charminar under the title “Stable families – Why and How”.

The moral values are loosening in today’s Times and people are not even respecting the sacred familial tiles.  This situation can be corrected only through following Islamic teachings in daily life by taking the Prophet of Islam Mohammed (PBUH) as a role model”, Dr Samiuzzaman said.

Mohammed Imran an Islamic scholar has explained Surah Yunus and said that the Quran is not only a guide to live life but it also treats every physical maladies.  “It is necessary for Muslims to get connected with the Quran to achieve peace and success in life,” Mohammed Imran said.

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