Google search for ‘international trip’ nearly doubled in India in 2022

While queries for 'movie in theatre' rose 220 per cent, 'live concert' grew by 80 per cent and 'OTT release' by 380 per cent last year.

New Delhi: Google on Thursday shared its “Year in Search 2022” report which revealed that searches for ‘international trip’ nearly “doubled to grow at 80 per cent” in the country last year.

“Emerging from Covid-19 confident of their digital savvy, Indians are tapping into Search to strike a balanced blend of online convenience and real-world experiences,” the tech giant said in a statement.

“People are turning to digital services like electronic payments and instant delivery to simplify their everyday lives, and free up time for in-person activities and long awaited indulgences such as travel, live concerts, and dining out.”

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While queries for ‘movie in theatre’ rose 220 per cent, ‘live concert’ grew by 80 per cent and ‘OTT release’ by 380 per cent last year.

Talking about sporting events, queries for ‘cricket match ticket’ grew by 170 per cent and ‘Fifa world cup ticket’ by over 140 per cent.

Moreover, searches for ‘instant delivery’ grew by over 180 per cent and ‘e-wallet’ by more than 40 per cent last year.

“As people become increasingly proficient in merging the ease of digital with the magic of experiential into a continuum, businesses too need to re-envision their channel strategies and minimise frictions between their online and in-store presence,” said Roma Datta Chobey, Senior Director-Digital First Businesses, Google India.

In 2022, search interest for ‘Thailand trip’ grew by over 90 per cent and for ‘Europe trip’ by more than 50 per cent.

“Increasingly discerning about value, consumers are searching for assurances that their choices will deliver quality and reliability at the correct cost,” the company said.

“Towards this, people are enhancing their financial and economic awareness with search interest for ‘fuel price rise hike’ by +150 per cent and ‘inflation’ growing by 50 per cent,” it added.

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