Hijab row reaches Ghaziabad; college insists on uniform dress code

Ghaziabad: A video of a few girl students protesting in Hijab in a Ghaziabad college has gone viral on social media.

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The video is said to be from Modi Nagar’s Ginni Devi College.

According to sources, tablets were being distributed on the college premises. The students have alleged that they were not allowed to take the tablet in hijab.

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Following this, they came out of the college premises and created a ruckus on road by protesting and shouting.

Ghaziabad police said that the incident took place yesterday and the students were pacified and sent back home.

Clarifying its stand on the issue, the college administration said that what the students were doing outside the college is none of their business.

“We were distributing tablets on the college premises. About 69 tablets were to be distributed. A few students didn’t wear uniforms. They were asked to follow the dress code which irked them. We want them to wear uniform inside the college, what they are doing outside the premises, is not our concern,” said college administration.

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