Hijras extorting during marriages, other ceremonies in Hyderabad

To avoid embarrassment in front of guests, many people pay money to them.

Hyderabad: Crossdressers and hijras are reportedly extorting residents of Hyderabad and Cyberabad on the occasion of marriages and other ceremonies.

According to a report by News Meter, they are carrying out these activities in an organized and preplanned manner.

How do Hijras find out details of marriages in Hyderabad?

It is alleged that some auto drivers, tent house owners, etc., inform them about the details of the marriages scheduled to be held at the wedding halls in Hyderabad.

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During wedding ceremonies, they visit the function halls and start demanding money, reportedly threatening to strip if payment is denied. They demand amounts ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000, sometimes escalating to as high as one lakh.

To avoid embarrassment in front of guests, many people in Hyderabad pay money to Hijras.

After receiving payment, the leader of the Hijras reportedly writes their name and signature on the wall.

Recent incidents

Recently, a resident became a victim of extortion by Hijras when a gang of 20-30 members arrived at midnight at his residence located in Kondapur and started demanding money. To avoid embarrassment, he paid Rs 30,000 to the gang. However, later he shared the details of the incident online.

Another user alleged that public harassment and extortion by Hijras are increasing near Outer Ring Road (ORR), opposite Hyderabad House Restaurant. They target men for money and, upon denial, the group even resorts to physical assault.

Such incidents by Hijras are on the rise, especially during marriages, birthday functions, family gatherings, etc., in Hyderabad. They are increasing concerns among residents, demanding action from the police and concerned authorities.

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