Hindu & Hindutva are different: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

"The falsehood of the BJP should be understood and it should be conveyed to the people," Siddaramaiah said.

Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister on Thursday said that Hindu and Hindutva were different.

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Addressing the 139th Congress Foundation Day at Bharat Jodo auditorium in Bengaluru, the CM said, “Don’t we worship Ram? Haven’t we built Ram Mandirs in our villages? Don’t we carry out Ram Bhajans?

“The Hindutva propagated by the BJP is fake.

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“Not a single person from BJP, Jan Sangh, RSS and Sangh Parivar had fought against the British. RSS took birth during the regime of the British. But, they didn’t participate in the fight against the British for a single day. The freedom struggle was done by the Congress party in the country.

“The falsehood of the BJP should be understood and it should be conveyed to the people,” Siddaramaiah said.

“After independence Congress achieved progress in all sectors of India. All dams built in India were constructed during the Late PM Nehru and Congress governments. BJP has not built even one single dam so far. They tell lies as if they are the truth, they are masters in it.

“Late PM Rajiv Gandhi laid the foundation for the expansion of the Internet throughout the country. Only a bundle of lies, what has BJP done?” CM Siddaramaiah questioned.

He further said that social justice prevails in the country only because of the Congress party.

“Congress will achieve power through struggle. After Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi is getting ready for another round of padayatra. Rahul Gandhi is going to lead the country, he will become the Prime Minister,” CM Siddaramaiah claimed.

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