Hindutva outfits make school girls take pledge against ‘Love Jihad’ in Indore

Girls were heard repeating after a woman called out that they will not allow anyone to change their beliefs and culture.

Bhopal: In an already charged communal atmosphere prevailing in the country the Hindutva Organisations in Madhya Pradesh recently held Shree Akhand Vedant Sant Sammelan in Indore, wherein school girls were made to take oath not to marry outside their religion.

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This is being done it seems in the name of imaginary “Islamophobia” and non-existent “Love-Jihad” by the Hindutva bodies. The apparent purpose of this event appears to be to further fuel hate against other communities.

The video of the school girls taking the pledge has gone viral on social media. In the clip, the girls can be heard repeating after a woman called out that they will not allow anyone to change their beliefs and culture. Till the last drop of blood in their bodies, they will fight for their religion and won’t let any heretics touch them.

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It may be pointed out here that “Love Jihad” is not a term recognised by any legal system in India. It was coined by Sangh parivar outfits to describe an imaginary Muslim conspiracy to convert unsuspecting Hindu women to Islam.

Reports reaching here said that the Hindutva outfits are running camps where young girls, especially those who are school and college-going students, are being given lessons in self-defence.

According to these organizations, the cases of “Love Jihad” and religious conversions in Indore have seen a steep rise over the years. Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Durga Vahini are taking the lead in imparting training to young school-going girls, who these organizations believe are soft targets of ‘love traps’.

Khachrod rally

Meanwhile, a few days back, in Khachrod, a town in Ujjain district of the state, enraged Hindus staged a Jan Andolan Rally in opposition to the growing number of “Love Jihad” charges, and they also gave a letter to SDO Pushpa Prajapati and sub-divisional revenue officer Neha Sahu.

Members of the community voiced their dissatisfaction with the state government and district administration’s slow response to the problem of “Love Jihad” in the area.

Bherulal Tank, the regional head of the Hindu Samaj, and Ram Snehi Sant Totaram led the gathering. The demonstration started in Ujjain Darwaza and went through several of the area’s key thoroughfares, including Vikrammarg, Nimdawas, Lakshmibai Marg, Ganeshdevli and Ananthanarayan Square.

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