Hyderabad: 30 arrested for drug use, sale across the city

Hyderabad: City police on Friday arrested 30 persons involved in drug trafficking from various locations in the city and seized large amounts of ganja cash, mobile phones, and a car, that was used to commit the crime.

SR Nagar

The Hyderabad Narcotic Enforcement Wing (H-NEW) alongside the SR Nagar police held six drug addicts and one dealer, seizing 19 blots of LSD, one laptop, and six mobile phones, amounting to a cost of Rs 3 lakhs. The accused held in this case were identified as Sai Vignesh, Sai Chaitra, Nagarjuna, Hemanth, Sai Balaji, Anudeep, and Tejaswi Kumar. Six other accused in the case are on the run.

Vignesh, the primary accused is a student of the University of Hyderabad. He learned to use the dark web at the university and purchased 20 blots of LSD in January. He then purchased the same quantity of the drug in February.

MS Education Academy

Vignesh and his friends gathered at Maitrivanam to consume the drug but were caught red-handed. The offenders were handed over to SR Nagar SHO for further investigation.


In a similar case in Karkhana, police held 18 offenders including a Nigerian national. The police recovered 10 grams of MDMA, 100 grams of Hash oil, and a Maruti Ertiga car. They also recovered cash worth Rs 7,150 and nine mobile phones worth Rs 5,40,000.

The offenders were arrested from Karkhana Hockey grounds, where they had gathered to sell and consume the drugs. The accused and the seized evidence were handed over to the Karkhana SHO for further investigation. The police further said that two other accused in the case remain absconding.


In yet another case under Kachiguda police station limits five offenders were nabbed from Venkat Ramana theater while one other accused remains at large. The police seized 2.5 kg of Ganja, an Activa worth Rs 1.5 lakh apart from these the police also recovered five mobile phones from the offenders.

The accused were identified as 35-year-old Mahender Singh, 25-year-old Jiten Lakhani, N Ramya Siddartha, Anish Kumar, and C Samar Simha Reddy. The accused were handed over to the Kachiguda police station SHO for further investigation.

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