Hyderabad: 55 policemen removed from service since December 2021

Earlier on Monday, Anand ordered the dismissal from service of rape-accused Circle Inspector Korasala Nageswara Rao

Hyderabad: As many as 55 police officials have been punished, which includes being removed from service, for various offences by Hyderabad’s commissioner CV Anand in the last 10 months.

Among those awarded the punishment, 17 police officers or personnel were dismissed from service by the Hyderabad police commissioner CV Anand. According to data released by the police, 22 of the 55 cops were removed from service, one constable was handed compulsory retirement, whereas the commissioner terminated the probation of 15 other personnel.

Earlier on Monday, the Hyderabad police commissioner ordered the dismissal from service of rape-accused circle inspector Korasala Nageswara Rao. He was booked for sexually assaulting a woman. Anand said that Rao’s actions reflected “unbridled misuse of authority”, and was also a “severe criminal breach of trust” with regard to his job of upholding the law.

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The Hyderabad police inspector has been accused of allegedly raping and attempting to kill a woman after trespassing into her house at Vanasthalipuram. The victim, aged around 30 years, lodged a complaint with the Vanasthalipuram police under the Rachakonda commissionerate.

The accused held various positions under the Hyderabad police. In the first week of April, while working as inspector, Task Force North Zone (Hyderabad police), he raided a pub at Radisson Blu hotel in Banjara Hills where cocaine was reportedly found. The high-profile case was widely reported as children of a few affluent businessmen and Tollywood personalities were caught.

In this context, it is essential to look at the list of police personnel punished for various ofences.

Crime against women and Children

Two inspectors were dismissed, while one was removed from service under the Hyderabad police’s jurisdiction. The probation of two sub-inspectors was terminated. Among five constables charged with the offence, three were terminated from probation and two were dismissed from service.

One of the Hyderabad police personnel from the ministerial staff (state cabinet) was dismissed from service, while another was terminated from probation.

Habitual Absence from duty

Among 29 police personnel punished for unauthorised absence from duty, 25 constables were removed, dismissed from service, or terminated from probation. Among the ministerial staff, four personnel were terminated from permission. Two other ministerial staff were dismissed from service for corrupt practices in Hyderabad.

Other Misconduct

Seven other police personnel were dismissed from service.

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