Hyderabad: In a 1st, Al-Ameen Mart starts sheep butchering course

Hyderabad: Getting a butcher to help with sacrificing in goat or cattle is considered a tough task considering the high demand for butchers on Eid ul Adha or Bakri Eid.

To tide with the situation, Hyderabad-based Al-Ameen Meat Mart has started a course for the general public to teach the art of butchering a sheep. While the main part of the work is sacrificing the animal, but removing the hide skillfully, processing the meat and chopping it into pieces is the more cumbersome and time consuming.

The Al-Ameen Meat Mart at Tolichowki for the first time in Hyderabad is organizing a special one week course for the Muslim community to learn sheep (butchering) processing. “During Eid ul Adha, people find it difficult to find a butcher to assist them in the process of sacrificing and later chopping the meat. Keeping it in mind we devised the one week course,” said Mir Arshad Ali, manager, Al-Ameen Meat Mart.

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The course will cover all the aspects like sacrificing, removing the hide or skin, processing the meat and chopping the pieces. “We slaughter sheep for our shop, so we can train the aspirants in the art. Everything including sheep and the knives will be arranged by us only,” the manager from Al-Ameen said.

Arshad Ali further added that expert butchers will train the participants in the skillful vocation. The fee for the course is Rs. 2,000 and anyone over the age of 15 years can enroll. Already several persons have enquired about the program with the management over phone, he added. “In a couple of days we will start the program,” he added. Those who are interested can contact 76800 93120 or 91718 14171. 

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