Hyderabad: KTR schools columnist Anand Ranganathan in a Twitter feud

Hyderabad: Telangana IT minister KT Rama Rao (KTR) on Sunday took columnist Anand Ranganathan to task after the latter called him an “International Embarrassment”.

The war of words between the two ensued after Ranganathan shared KTR’s tweet condemning Nupur Sharma’s blasphemous remarks on Prophet Muhammad, calling him Islamophobic while defending Sharma’s blasphemous remarks.

KTR responded to Anand’s tweet and questioned why Sharma was suspended as the national spokesperson of the BJP after the incident if her remarks were facts.

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“We have many Gods & millions of places of worship. We still don’t have enough educational institutions or healthcare facilities. Let’s focus on issues that will propel (India) into best ever nation,” tweeted KTR.

The exchange between the two escalated after Anand opined that KTR was a dynast and on the path of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who he alleged was “devoid of facts”.

Responding to Ranganathan, KTR said, “Anand, Dynasty is any day better than Nasty Bigotry And by the way, goal post shifting narrative is better suited for your Pay master #JumlaKing Please remind your Guru Modi Ji to not shift goal post & deliver before 2022 P.S: I can send you list of all BJP Dynasts if u like,” tweeted KTR slamming PM Modi over unfulfilled promises to the nation.

In response to KTR’s post Ranganathan compared him with Congress MP Rahul Gandhi claiming that the minister’s comments reflected stupidity. The columnist further taunted KTR saying if film director David Dhawan ever made a movie titled “International Embarrassment No 1” the minister would be cast as the lead.

“Ram, My advice would be to stop right here. You are taking your stupidity to such levels even Rahul Gandhi would be embarrassed at the comparison. Honestly, @KTRTRS, if David Dhawan ever makes International Embarrassment No. 1, I know who is going to be the hero. Bye now. WDTT” he said.

The minister replied to the columnist with a list of blunders committed by Narendra Modi at the international level in recent years.

“If David Dhawan did make a movie on “International Embarrassment – No 1”, the distinction would be for one. Who made a joke of himself by campaigning for Donald Trump. Who landed in Pakistan uninvited for a Biryani. Who forced SL Govt to concede project for his Crony,” read KTR’s counter.

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