Hyderabad: Mangoes likely to turn costly due to unseasonal rains, hailstorms

Unseasonal rains and hailstorms have affected the mango crop

Hyderabad: Mangoes which are considered the king of fruits are likely to turn expensive this season for mango lovers in Hyderabad. The reason behind this is the unseasonal rains and pest attacks that have affected many mango crops in different districts of the state, resulting in a double blow to their yield.

The unseasonal rains and hailstorms have not only affected the mango crop, but other crops too including maize, papaya, onion, cotton, tomato, and chili. This has caused damage to the yield, and many farmers are now worried about the impact it will have on their livelihood.

Rainfall in Telangana increases mango farmers’ woes

Though, the season started on a positive note as the day temperature increased steadily since January, the pest attacks followed by the rains and hailstorms have taken a toll on the crops. The flower-to-fruit conversion was also affected due to pest attacks, resulting in a lower yield.

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Last week’s severe rains and hailstorms have only added to the woes of the farmers. This has left many farmers wondering how they will be able to survive this season.

The loss of crops due to unseasonal rains and pest attacks may also affect the export market, leading to a decrease in supply and an increase in prices. Out of the total production of mangoes in the neighboring districts of Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana, a significant portion is exported to foreign countries like Gulf countries, China, Australia, and others.

Hyderabad markets get mangoes from other states

Usually, raw mangoes are brought from different parts of Telangana in Hyderabad markets, but in the current year, raw mangoes have been brought to Hyderabad from neighbouring states too resulting in an increase in prices.

The mangoes are being brought to Hyderabad from Bengaluru and other places in the neighboring state of Karnataka.

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