Hyderabad: Panchatantra theme park to be set up at New Bolaram

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has initiated the development of Panchatantra theme park at New Bolaram. It is being viewed as a opportunity to introduce the young generation to the characters from one of India’s most famous fable.

The lung space at which the park is being constructed is spread on 9,000 square yards and will consist of facilities such as games and recreational facilities exclusively for children. The theme park is being developed at Railway Employees Colony, New Bolarum. It will be opened for public shortly.

The introduction to various characters from the panchatantra stories will set the theme park apart from other parks and gardens in the city. A jungle multi-play station consisting of animal replicas and a slide over Giraffe are among other facilities.

MS Education Academy

Although the park is yet to be inaugurated officially, a few families are already visiting the facility. In additions to the the rides and fruit shaped benches, the GHMC ha also included informative wall paintings and outdoor classrooms. The aim of the park is to engage and educate the children through various activities.

The theme park also consists of forest themed benches for adults.

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