Hyderabad: RTA earns Rs 35 lakh in a single day from auction of fancy numbers

Hyderabad: The transport department in Hyderabad is reaping significant financial benefits from the registration of fancy numbers, as car owners increasingly seek unique and meaningful registration numbers for their vehicles. On June 3, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) office in Khairatabad collected an impressive sum of Rs 35,62,691 solely through the auction and sale of fancy numbers.

According to officials from the RTA, several high-value numbers fetched substantial amounts during the recent registration number auctions. The registration number TS 09 GB 9999 commanded an impressive bid of Rs 9 lakh, while TS 09 GC 0009 was sold for a staggering amount of Rs 8.9 lakh. Furthermore, the registration number TS 09 GC 0001 was auctioned for Rs. 2,62,113, while TS 09 GC 0006 fetched Rs 216,000. Similarly, TS 09 GC 0005 was auctioned for Rs 1,45,555 and TS 09 GC 0007 for Rs 1,11,112. In 2021, Keystone Infra paid Rs 20,10,000 for the number TS 09 FT 9999, as confirmed by officials, demonstrating the eagerness of bidders to acquire unique and sought-after numbers.

The demand for personalized registration numbers continues to grow, with car owners expressing a variety of preferences. Some individuals aspire to have lucky numbers associated with their vehicle registration, while others opt for numbers corresponding to their birth dates. Additionally, some car owners even consult astrologers for guidance in selecting auspicious numbers for their vehicles.

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The remarkable revenue generated from the registration of fancy numbers underscores the popularity and significance that individuals attach to personalized vehicle registration. It highlights the growing trend of car owners willing to invest substantial amounts to acquire exclusive and meaningful registration numbers.

As the popularity of fancy numbers continues to soar, the transport department anticipates a sustained stream of interest and revenue from future registration number auctions.

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