Hyderabad: Shortage of RTA smart cards expected to end this month

Hyderabad: The scarcity of smart cards for securing RTA papers like driver’s licences, registration certificates, and so on is expected to end this month. The transportation department plans to issue replacement cards with a revised design beginning February 15.

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Recently, the department has been experiencing a scarcity of smart cards. This caused a delay in the issuance of RTA documentation, with motorists having to wait more than 45 days in practically all RTA locations.

After completing the registration process, authorities are required to provide a counterfoil slip. The ticket is good for seven days. According to RTA sources, officials have hired a new contractor from Maharashtra to provide the department with new smart cards.

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They’re a bright green colour with a chip. The RC includes an image of the owner, as well as the owner’s name and address, as well as the chassis, engine numbers, and other data, as well as vehicle specifications (BS-VI).

Likewise, driving licences will be bright green. They will feature a QR code with information such as the registration number, date of registration, and validity. The name of the card appears to be the ‘Indian Union Vehicle Registration Certificate issued by Telangana State’.

According to a senior official, card distribution would be expedited with the new contractor’s supply of cards. However, he believes that the power to invite tenders should be reserved for the department. He added that the delay was caused by the IT department’s request for tenders under the Telangana State Technological Services Act.

The general secretary of the Telangana Auto and Motor Welfare Union, M Dayanand, stated that authorities should plan ahead of time so that motorists are not inconvenienced when obtaining paperwork. “Authorities cannot always place the blame on cards. They must supply the cards after collecting user fees,” he stated.

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