Hyderabad: Teenage girls die by suicide in four separate cases

Hyderabad: Four teenage girls died by suicide in separate incidents that took place in the city in the past seven days.

A 15-year-old, who was a resident of Habsiguda resorted to an extreme step after her parents took away her cell phone and denied giving it back.

According to the police, the girl who was a student of class IX, was addicted to her mobile phone during the COVID-19 pandemic, following which she spent hours watching Netflix and other movie portals.

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When her parents snatched her phone away, she threatened them that she would kill herself if they did not return her mobile back.

One day, she tried hanging herself to the ceiling, in order to scare her parents but accidentally lost her balance and the noose tightened around her neck, leading her death.

Following the incident, her parents soon came to her rescue and rushed her to Gandhi Hospital where she died four days after receiving rigorous treatment.

In another case, an eighteen-year-old who got married a few months ago died by suicide at her house in NIN Colony in Boduppal this week.

The girl had left her husband’s house within three days of her marriage and was staying with her parents since then.

According to police, the night before her death, she took an amount of Rs 7000 from her mother and gave it to an old friend.

Her mother after finding out that the money was missing, scolded her daughter and asked her to retrieve it back.

The mother then left for the market and got back home to find that her daughter was dead.

In another incident, a 16-year-old girl, who was reprimanded by her parents for spending too much time on her mobile phone, was found dead in an agricultural well in Vilasagar last week.

According to police, the night before her death, the teenager was scolded by her parents for using her mobile phone for hours.

Upset over the argument, she left her home at night and was found dead in the agricultural well on the outskirts of the village the next morning.

A passerby called the police who reached the spot and rescued her following which she was taken to hospital where she was declared brought dead.

In a different incident that took place in Serilingampally, a 14-year-old girl took her life when she was at her house.

According to the police, the parents of the girl were away from their house during the incident.

After her parents left the house in the morning, the girl called her friend and spent the afternoon with him. But the situation worsened after the boy’s parents came looking for him.

The girl’s sister who witnessed the scene threatened her that she would tell her parents all about it.

Police said that the girl fearing her parents’ reaction to finding out about the incident, killed herself.

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