Hyderabad: This place serves ‘Shaadi ka khana’ without a wedding

Hyderabad: For all the food that restaurants serve, even the best ones, nothing ever trumps the dishes we get at weddings. ’Shaadi ka khana’ is something which nobody in their right minds will ever say no to in Hyderabad. It’s just that good. Unfortunately it isn’t also easily available, as one has to wait for an invitation.

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Luckily, for those of you who absolutely love wedding food, especially Biriyani, and are always waiting to attend one, Fanooz Restaurant here has now come with a new spread. Called ’Shaadi Ka Table’, the unlimited platter offers food lovers the complete wedding food experience at a cost of rupees 799 per head. For an unlimited wedding food experience, free of rishtedars (relatives) and formalities (pun intended).

The Hyderabadi ‘Shaadi ka Khana’ has also evolved from only Biryani, Mirchi ka salan, Dahi ki Chutney and double ka meetha at tables, to a whole new level with western dishes being introduced on to the dastarkhan. Haleem, kebabs, fish kebabs, etc are some of the few new things are now served at weddings.

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Why is wedding food so special?

“Hyderabadi shaadi ka khana has evolved over time and it keeps getting even richer. From double ka meetha to Khubaani ka meetha, the menu has evolved a great span and it was just the beginning. Today a french dessert-fruit truffle has landed on the tables and has become an instant favourite,” said Hyderabadi Food blogger, Kamaal Ahmed.

One of the highlights about wedding food essentially is the Biryani, which is considered to be the most authentic at Shaadis. It’s something that we all truly love, and a dish that absolutely also trumps everything. However, aside from that, what makes wedding food special is the wide spread, which also includes dishes like Marag and Haleem which most restaurants generally do not serve.

Shaadi Ka Khana is the only source of motivation for people, especially introverts, to drag themselves off the comforts of one’s couch to get dressed for a wedding and is probably the only thing the Hyderabadis missed during the COVID-19 lockdowns,” jokes Rahul K., an IT professional from the city.

The concept of ‘Shaadi ka Khana’ but without a Shaadi

One can reserve seats at the table by calling the restaurant’s pre-booking counter at 7027151515. Talking about the attraction the concept of Shaadi ka Table may get, Kamaal said that Hyderabadis want the same food everywhere.

“Although the vibe cannot be recreated in the setting of a restaurant, it will attract curious foodies. The essence and vibe of a wedding may be missed but the concept will garner the interest of a number of non-locals who work for the IT sector. Rather than waiting around for an invitation to a wedding, a non-local could experience the rich food that is served at Hyderabadi weddings, in a restaurant setting,” said Ahmed.

Food at a Hyderabadi wedding is cooked by a bawarchi, who generally only caters to weddings and puts their heart and soul into adding value to the meal. Bawarchis or cooks have never shied away from adding new dishes to the table. The latest trend apart from the platter is the fruit truffle and Arabian dishes like Mandi, which have now been introduced to the table.

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