Hyderabad: Violations of ban on plastic bags at peak

Hyderabad: The violations of the plastic ban in Hyderabad are at their peak and the silence of the GHMC is tantamount to encouraging these violations.  

How far the campaign of GHMC to ban plastic bags is successful can only be gauged from the daily sale of thousands of kilograms of polythene bags in the city.

The GHMC had announced plans to ban polythene bags in order to safeguard the environment and public health. But still, the companies manufacturing polythene bags are not only operating from the city suburbs with immunity but are marketing them without hindrance.  

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GHMC’s silence in this regard indicates that the civic body is not serious about implementing the plastic ban in the city.

Plastic bags are not only being used by cart pullers but owners of restaurants and hotels in delivering food items to the customers.

A number of measures were taken to stop the use of plastic bags in many malls of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.  But the GHMC has failed to check the use of the bags in populated areas where it is widely being used.

When asked about why GHMC is failing to check the use of plastic bags of less than 14 Micron, the  officials say that the civic body has no required manpower to implement the ban

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