Hyderabad: Winter measures in place for animals at Zoo Park

Hyderabad: With winter starting and a sharp fall in temperature in the city, the Nehru Zoological Park is taking up various measures to keep the animals housed in the zoo warm.

Arrangements to keep the animals and birds warm are made for winter every year, and enough measures are initiated to ensure that they survive seasonal ailments as annual practice. Nehru zoo authorities have arranged for room heaters in night houses of all big cats, including tigers and leopards, and also in the primate night houses for inmates like baboons, chimpanzees and the lion-tailed macaques.

The night houses in the Nehru zoo park for reptiles are equipped with dry leaves, bulbs and small pots to protect them from the chilly temperature. The carnivore night houses have been covered with gunny bags to stop chilly winds and are provided with wooden planks to avoid cramps in the foot. The bird night houses are covered with green cloth to protect them from possible cold waves while nest boxes are being set up particularly for macaws and cockatoos and similar birds that are sensitive to the weather, said officials.

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At the zoo, night houses of reptiles are also provided with dry leaves, bulbs and small pots to protect them from cold wind. The mouse deer breeding center is covered with a green cloth on the outside and is provided with dry paddy straw. In addition to these arrangements, animals and birds are being provided with B-Complex supplements in order to overcome stress.

Nehru Zoo officials in Hyderabad said during winter season special care is taken for the safety of the animals and provide them with suitable conditions to keep them warm.

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