IMD launches ‘Climate Hazard & Vulnerability Atlas of India’

New Delhi: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Friday launched ‘The Climate Hazard & Vulnerability Atlas of India’ that has been prepared for 13 most hazardous meteorological events that lead to loss of human and animal lives, causing extensive damage and economic losses.

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“The primary purpose of the climate vulnerability maps is for the users of disaster management sectors to identify the vulnerable districts for taking preventive and adaptive measures. Thus, in vulnerability maps, vulnerability assessment was focused on the district levels,” the IMD said.

The map was released at an event to mark the 147th foundation day of IMD.

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As many as 640 maps are available online (as part of the IMD website). The Atlas provides hazard events and vulnerability separately.

The section ‘Climate Hazard Map’ includes maps on dust storm, hailstorm, thunderstorm, fog, lightning, wind hazard, extreme rainfall events, drought, and cyclone while the ‘Climate Vulnerability Map’ section has maps/information/data for cold wave, heat wave, floods, lightning and snowfall.

For a visual display of the climate vulnerability maps, the IMD used Geographic Information System (GIS) tools at the office of Climate Research and Services, IMD, Pune.

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