India-Dubai flight tickets could cost AED 2600 soon

Dubai-Mumbai already spotted as the busiest in the world, in terms of airline seats.

Dubai: Expats from India living in UAE may see a 10-20% increase in ticket prices compared to 2019. One-way flights from the UAE to Mumbai which costs between AED 300 and AED 400, could cost up to AED1000 in July.

Starting in July, a flight from Kochi to Dubai that currently costs AED 900 will cost AED 2000 or more. A Dubai-to-Delhi flight, which presently costs roughly AED 300, is expected to cost at least AED 1000 in July.

The same might be the case for India to UAE travelling passengers. A Mumbai-to-Dubai, one-way trip is likely to cost quadruple AED 2,600. Those travelling from Kochi to Dubai at AED 1000, will have to shell out AED 500 or more. Those planning to travel from Delhi to Dubai might relax for a now as the rates for mid-June are only up from AED 1,200 is that the rates of contrast to AED 500-AED 1000 now.

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Quoted by Gulf News, Suraj Ramesh from Al Badie Travel agency said, “The prices are definitely high because of the crisis, but then the demand has not dropped at all. The Fares have increased probably because this is the high season anyway, and looking at the summer, there is enough and more demand.”

As all the restrictions were lifted up by countries this year, including India allowing international flights to operate, traffic skyrocketed. Airlines have increased their capacity, while Dubai-Mumbai has already been spotted as the busiest in the world, in terms of airline seats, according to the recent report from aviation consultancy OAG.

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