Indian students in Jeddah showcase innovative streak at EDEX

The students of IISJ displayed their out-of-box creativity at a two-day event of EDEX recently

Jeddah: During their formative years, students develop an all-around aptitude for multiple disciplines. The intersection of different theorems, scriptures, schools of thought, scientific models, classroom-based experiments, and interaction with the teachers have a positive impact in shaping young minds.

The exhibitions, conducted by schools, provided a platform for students to demonstrate their learning, projects, and skills in a diverse range of subjects. The Educational Exhibition (EDEX) of Jeddah’s Indian International School (IISJ) is one prime calendar event of Indian community living in the port city of Jeddah.

The students of IISJ displayed their out-of-box creativity at a two-day event of EDEX recently. The young, passionate and creative students showcased still and working models with their innovative and creative skills covering all the major subject areas – language and literature, biology, environmental science and life science, computer sciences, commerce and business studies, mathematics, social sciences, Saudi Arabian culture and Islamic studies, art, music and photography.

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The Educational Exhibition commenced with recitation of Quran, setting a tone of unity and reverence.

The event displayed models and live presentation in around 70 class rooms, 500 projects and with over 1,200 students participating in the fair. The exhibits by the students displayed on different branches of science included Luna Voyage: Chandrayaan quest, ignite the spark, Innovation nation: Dive into discoveries, Anti-sleep alarm for drivers, transformer, AC generator, Rubens flame tube (music through fire), Anti-theft door alarm and steam-powered phone charger.

Tiny tots of classes I & II showcased the exhibits on the different aspects of life and how they have evolved. The timeline included an incredible transformation in the family system and values, advancements in education, reformed modes of games, better civilised cultures, breakthrough in transportation, giant strides in evolution of daily use gadgets or devices and a set up on predicted future.

Tweens from classes III to V of EVS department displayed Amazon forest, Universal bodies, Volcanoes, AI and Robotics.

Children and parents also viewed the models of Islamic Bank, promoting interest free banking services with compliance to Shariah Law, Digital marketing, Crypto currency, Tax frauds and e-commerce by Commerce and Economics Department.

The chief guest of the occasion, the Consul Haj, Commerce and HOC, Muhammed Abdul Jaleel, inaugurated the event. Several officials and visitors were impressed by the presentation and oratory skills of the students. The officials included chairman of school managing committee Prince Mufti Ziaul Hassan, principal of International Indian School Jeddah Dr Muzaffar Hassan, and other other members of managing committee.

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