Iranian Nobel winner Mohammadi calls to boycott upcoming elections

According to a survey, 75 percent of Iranians plan to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections, expressing a desire for government overthrow.

Imprisoned Iranian human right activists and Nobel Peace Prize winner Narges Mohammadi has called on Iranians to boycott upcoming parliamentary elections.

Taking to X, on Saturday, February 24, Mohammadi wrote, “The Islamic Republic deserves national sanctions and global condemnation. Sanctioning elections is not only a political necessity but also a moral duty.”

“Sanctioning elections under a despotic religious regime is not just a political move but also a moral obligation for freedom-loving and justice-seeking Iranians,” she said.

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“The Islamic Republic, with its ruthless and brutal suppression, the killing of young people on the streets, the executions, and the imprisonment and torture of men and women, deserves national sanctions and global condemnation.”

Mohammadi pledged that “I, alongside the informed and proud people from all over Iran, from Sistan and Baluchestan to Kurdistan, from Khuzestan to Azerbaijan, will stand to declare the illegitimacy of the Islamic Republic and the divide within the oppressive regime and its people through the sanctioning of sham elections.”

She reiterated that transitioning from the despotic religious regime is a national demand and the only path for Iran, Iranians, and humanity’s survival.

According to a survey conducted by the Netherlands-based Gamaan Institute, 75 per cent of Iranians plan to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections, expressing a desire for a government overthrow.

The survey is based on balancing and weighting a sample of 58,015 respondents from within Iran. The findings reflect the views of the literate population above 19 years old (around 90 per cent of Iran’s adult population).

Iranians will vote on March 1 to elect the 290 parliament members and 88 assembly of expert members to elect the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader in case of a vacancy.

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