Joshimath sinking: Demolition process of two hotels begins

The work of razing the dilapidated buildings, which have been declared unsafe to live in, has also started.

Joshimath: The authorities on Tuesday started the demolition process of two hotels — Malari Inn and Mount View — which have leaned towards each other due to the sinking in Uttarakhand’s Joshimath.

Two JCBs, a big crane and two tipper trucks, along with 60 labourers were brought to the site for the demolition.

Manikant Mishra, commandant, State Disaster Response Force said, “Of the two hotels, Malari Inn will be demolished in a step-wise manner today. First of all, the top portion will be demolished. It is being done because both the hotels have tilted and have come very close to each other due to the sinking.”

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“Their demolition is essential because there are several houses and hotels around, if these two sink any further they can collapse. So, experts decided to demolish them. CBRI experts are coming, they conducted a survey yesterday and now they’ll give more technical info on the same,” Mishra added.

Thakur Singh Rana, the owner of Hotel Malari Inn, said, “I did not receive any notice from the administration. I am with the government’s decision to demolish my hotel in public interest. But I should have got notice before that.”

The work of razing the dilapidated buildings, which have been declared unsafe to live in, has also started.

According to Disaster Management Secretary Ranjit Sinha, the buildings are being systematically demolished. The ones which have more cracks are being demolished first. Unsafe buildings will be demolished first. The help of explosives is not being taken to demolish the buildings. Under the supervision of CBRI scientists, a PWD team is demolishing the buildings with mechanical techniques.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for Defence, Ajay Bhatt reached here, and is holding a meeting with officials at the Army base regarding the situation in the area in Joshimath.

So far 678 houses have developed cracks due to land subsidence in Joshimath. Not only this, even the roads have caved in at many places. Water is continuously gushing from under the ground.

On Monday, Ranjit Kumar Sinha said, “The situation at Joshimath, where over 600 houses, several pathways and structures have developed cracks, was triggered by loosening of soil and its low-bearing capacity.”

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