Kairana’s ‘Hindu exodus’ theory is an RSS plank to strengthen Hindutva Nation plan

By Kulsum Mustafa

The 80-20 (Hindu- Muslim) polarization formula for UP Elections may have been declared publically by Yogi Adityanath, but it is a fact that it is actually the base of  RSS deep-rooted strategy to create such a foundation leading to the formation of a Hindu nation out of a secular country like India. Since 2016  Kairana is being experimented upon by the saffron strategists as a blatant formula to paint not just the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh saffron, but to ensure that the colour remains intact for two years later too when the country holds its general elections.

Yogi is the vehicle on which the RSS is riding steady fast to reach its desired destination. The BJP top leadership is helping out by creating a phobia in the minds of the majority community by telling them loud and clear that wherever the Muslims are in a sizeable number they have always have made attempts to overpower the Hindus and this leads to their genocide. The BJP   has through pliable media houses tried to project the situation in Kairana to the genocide of the Hindus like in Srinagar in 1990.

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But before going further for those who may still not know what is Kairana let us set the context right. Kairana is a city and a municipal board in Shamli district of the Indian state of western Uttar Pradesh which has over 50 percent Muslim population and has been returningSamajwadi Party candidate for several terms, including the 2017 assembly elections.

 Just a year before the last assembly elections, the then BJP MP Hukkum Singh attempted to allegedly create a fear psychosis and declared that many Hindu families were being forced to flee their homes in Kairana. On 8th June 2016, Singh provided a list of 346 names of Hindu families who had locked up their houses and left the city under duress. After this, for days on end, the media was full of stories on Kairana. Pictures of locked houses provided appealing visuals for media articles. But the truth could not be hidden for long. Kairana even during the BJP wave of 2017 elections returned Nahid Hasan to the assembly defeating BJP candidate and eldest daughter of Hukum Singh Mriganka Singh by 18162 votes

The state government got a survey conducted. In a report submitted to the state government, the district administration stated that out of 119 families surveyed 68 had left due to lack of jobs, education and health services. Singh’s list contained names of 4 dead people and 13 families were still residing in Many of those who had migrated for better opportunities did so 10- 15 years back

 When the impartial media stepped in, and pressure was built on him it lead to Singh retracting his statements. He changed his words and stated to the media that the ‘migration was not ‘communal’ but had it had more to do with the poor law and order situation. But by then the damage had already been done to the ruling Samajwadi Party’s image. This incident, it is said also played a major role in creating a pro- BJP wave and is listed as one of the major reasons for the BJP coming to power in UP with a thumping majority.

No wonder that five years later the BJP stalwart Amit Shah chose this city to start his election door-to-door campaign. And before that, the police stepped in and arrested the sitting MLA from this constituency Nahid Hasan for cases on him dating back many years back. The Samajwadi Party however continued its support to their MLA and did not stop his candidature despite his arrest. This only emboldened the ruling BJP and they stepped up their tirade against SP alleging that it was a party of criminals and one which only supports the interests of the minority.  

According to SP national spokesperson, Nahid Lari, the BJP is reflecting its true face in Kairana.  She said the BJP is running away from the real issue which is the sufferings and humiliation of the farmers of this area. Western UP has lost so many of its farmers to the brutal way the BJP government handled the Farmers’ year-long agitation. It was inhuman and downright despotic, said Lari.

“With all due respect to the dead, Hukum Singh was a big liar and created a situation out of nothing. Kairana is an example of his fabricated lies. The fact that his own daughter has failed to be elected from the area not once but twice proves how little people believe in BJP ideology” said Lari, adding that the BJP game plan has been thoroughly exposed and the people will show their anger at the BJP ‘s non-performance in these elections.

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