Karauli Baba’s ‘miracles’: Doctor who questioned seer assaulted; lands in hospital

Baba Karauli is heard saying, "pagal kahin ka (insane person)" to the doctor before the latter is whisked away by the former's associates.

A video has gone viral after a doctor hailing from Noida questioned Santosh Singh Bhadoria alias Karauli Baba about his “miracles”. The doctor was later allegedly thrashed by associates of the religious leader after their rendezvous.

The doctor – Siddharth Chowdhary – was hospitalised with a head injury. A complaint has been filed by him at Kanpur’s Bidhnu police station.

In the video, Chowdhary can be seen talking about his problem. “Guruji Namashkar, I have come here because my family is going through a lot of difficulties and I have been told that I have pitra dosh (forefathers are unhappy).”

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“I have come here to seek your blessings. I have heard a lot about you and your miracles from friends and family. I request you to kindly help me with my problem,” Chowdhary said while the session was recorded LIVE in front of a huge crowd.

Initially, Baba Karauli seems to be interested in Chowdhary’s problem. He smiles and said, “Chamatkaar tho hothe nahi hai per sab niyam se chaltha hai. Sab acha hona hai. (There are no miracles but we follow certain rules in devotion. Everything will be fine).”

Chowdhary then said something that triggered Baba Karauli.

He said, “People including my friends and brother tease me if my body is possessed by Maulana’s soul.” It is at this moment he reveals he is a doctor by profession.

“Mein bhi dekhna chahta hoon aatma kaise niklathi hai aur kaisa mehsoos hotha hai uske jaane se (I am curious to know how you remove an unwelcomed soul from my body. I want to experience the feeling when it leaves my body),” Chowdhary said.

When Baba Karauli replied to come some other time, Chowdhary insisted he performs the “miracle” in front of the LIVE session.

At this point, Baba Karauli gets offended and asks, “Challenge kar rahe ho humhe” (Are you challenging me?)” to which Chowdhary replied in affirmative.

When Baba Karauli tells Chowdhary to ask the person about the “experience” after being “cleansed” from the unwelcome soul, a slight tension occurs between the two before the doctor leaves the stage and another devotee take his place.

Another video crops up taken from a devotee’s phone where Baba Karauli is heard saying, “pagal kahin ka (insane person)” to Chowdhary before the doctor is whisked away by the former’s associates.


Later another video appeared showing an injured Chowdhary at the hospital. According to him, he was taken away by Baba Karauli’s associates inside a room where he was beaten up with iron rods and weapons. He suffered serious head injuries.

The videos have gone viral since then.

Who is Karauli Baba?

Santosh Singh Bhadoria is a resident of the Unnao district, Uttar Pradesh. Several criminal cases have been registered against him between 1992-1995.

According to an India Today article, Bhadoria became a farmers’ leader after reportedly trying to escape the police on illegal occupancy of land. There is also a case registered against him in Kotwali police station on charges of illegally occupying a church land.

In 1994, after an order from a district magistrate, the National Security Act (NSA) was levelled against him.

However, Bhadoria’s fortunes turned for good during the agitation that was against the Centre’s now-repealed three farm laws. He became a prominent face during the protest and even clashed with the police on various occasions.

He was given in charge of Sarsol village in UP by farmer leader Mahendra Singh Tikait, who was the father of Rakesh Tikait, the national spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU).

The senior Tikait handed over the reign to Bhadoria after the alleged suicide of union leader Santram Singh.

With fame came money. Bhadoria built his Karauli ashram which is now spread over 14 acres of land. He has his own YouTube channel where the tantric mantra is practised. There are several videos on his channel that depicts sheer superstitious and blind devotion.

Viral height video

One of the many videos trending is a lady accompanied by a teenage girl, who asks Baba Karauli to increase her height. “Sabki height bad rahi hai sivaay meri (Everyone is taller than me),” she requests him for help.

Baba Karauli says Om and blows on the mike. He “declares” her height to be increased by three feet, then asks the lady to chant Om Namah Shivay three times.

He then tells her to walk around and “feel” if her height has increased, to which she says, “Lag raha hai ki mein lambi ho rahi hoon (I feel as if my height is increasing).”

“You will gain heigh in 5-6 months,” Baba Karauli assures her.

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