Karnataka: Government college bans Hijab, use of Urdu language

Karnataka: The Government PU college for girls in Udupi, has banned the Hijab, the use of Urdu language, and the greeting Salaam.

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Students stood outside classrooms in protest of the college’s decision. They also are allegedly being barred from speaking in Urdu, Arabic, and Beary languages. The Principal of the college, Rudhra Gauda refused to discuss the issue with the parents. Students mentioned that they were not being given attendance for the past three days.

According to a report by the Times of India, Gauda said, “the students can wear hijabs in the school premises but not inside the classrooms. He said the rule is being followed to ensure uniformity in classrooms. He added that he would hold a parent-teacher meeting on the issue.”

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Nazeer Ahmed, the SDPI Udupi president said, “we will stage a protest if the six students are not allowed to attend classes with their hijabs.”

This issue comes up at the time when the Karnataka government is pushing for the anti-conversion bill. The contentious “anti-conversion bill” was passed by the Karnataka Legislative Assembly on Thursday, Although the bill is yet to become a law owing to the Legislative Council’s denial, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai termed the bill as both constitutional and legal. He said that the bill aimed at getting rid of the menace of religious conversion.

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