Karnataka: VSD seedless grapes find market in US, gulf countries

The VSD variety, known for its higher yield compared to other grapes, has become a boon for farmers.

Belagavi: Sachin Shivappa Doddamala, a progressive farmer from Basaragi village in Jatta taluk, Belagavi district, has emerged as an agricultural innovator, independently cultivating a unique grape variety known as VSD grapes.

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Breaking away from the traditional reliance on researched cultivars provided by agricultural researchers, Sachin’s experiment with the VSD grape crop has garnered attention for its distinctive three-inch length, a significant deviation from the usual inch-and-a-half size grapes.

The journey of VSD grapes began when a farmer in Kawatemahakala village in Maharashtra discovered this super variety grape crop. After years of trials, the plant was named VSD, and Sachin successfully grew three to four-inch grape crops, attracting farmers from both Maharashtra and Karnataka to visit his farm and learn about this innovative cultivation.

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The VSD variety, known for its higher yield compared to other grapes, has become a boon for farmers. Sachin’s farm, where the VSD grapes are cultivated, yields 20 tonnes per acre, fetching a price of Rs 60 to 80 per kilogram. The unique fruit has garnered demand not only domestically but also internationally, with exports to countries like Dubai, America, and Australia through Mumbai.

Long vines and soft texture

Characterized by its long vines and soft texture, the VSD grape variety has become a sought-after choice. Speaking to Siasat.com on Friday, Sachin shared his experiences, stating that while they traditionally grow grapes in their region over 70 acres, the introduction of VSD grapes from a neighboring village prompted them to experiment further. The cost-effective nature of this grape breed, coupled with its resistance to diseases, has made it advantageous for farmers.

Sachin, working alongside his nine siblings and relying on water brought from a distance of 18 kilometers, expressed satisfaction with the success of the grape crop, emphasizing the happiness it brings along with substantial income. He added that there is a growing demand for the VSD grape variety from abroad, with traders eagerly supplying grapes.

Encouraging other farmers, Sachin offered to share information about the crop and welcomed inquiries at 9307646705. The success story of VSD grapes showcases the potential of independent research and innovation in agriculture, contributing to increased yields and income for farmers.

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