List of LPG cylinder prices in Hyderabad, other metros

LPG cylinder prices in Hyderabad are the highest among metros

Hyderabad: The Union Cabinet on Tuesday approved a Rs. 200 reduction in LPG cylinder prices for all connection holders, making them cheaper in all districts and metros, including Hyderabad.

However, the domestic LPG cylinder price in Hyderabad remains the highest among Indian metros.

Following this reduction, the retail price of a domestic LPG cylinder in Hyderabad is now Rs. 955. Kolkata has the second-highest price at Rs. 929 per cylinder.

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The domestic LPG cylinder prices in metro cities are as follow:

Cities LPG cylinder price (In rupees)

Why is LPG cylinder price in Hyderabad highest among metros?

The LPG cylinder prices in Hyderabad are the highest among metros due to varying state and city taxes. Hyderabad residents face higher prices due to local taxes.

In Telangana, the Nirmal district has the highest gas rate at Rs. 980, while Nizamabad’s rate is Rs. 978.5.

Expect more gifts, says Congress

Congress has dubbed the BJP government’s move ahead of the assembly elections in five states saying the saffron party is staring at certain defeat and people should expect more such ‘gifts’ in the coming months as Prime Minister Narendra Modi becomes even more desperate to cling on to his chair.

Targeting the BJP, Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said, “A sudden slash in LPG prices by Modi. Why now, you may ask? ‘Yeh hai kissa demokursi ka’ (story of the chair). Karnataka rout of the BJP— The high price of LPG was one of the main issues of the election. Two highly successful INDIA meetings in two months and the third coming up in two days.”

Meanwhile, official sources indicate that the decision to cut LPG cylinder prices will cost around Rs. 7,680 crore in the 2023-24 fiscal year.

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