Mana Andhra Telugu Association organises Eid Milap event in New Zealand

Eid Milap celebration underscored significance of communal harmony.

Auckland: The Mana Andhra Telugu Society of New Zealand recently held its fourth Eid Milap event, demonstrating unity among individuals of diverse faiths. The event, attended by dignitaries like Members of Parliament Helen White, Pramjeet Parmar, and Carlos Cheung, celebrated the contributions of community leaders like Ikhlaq Kashkari, President of the Zealand Muslim Association and Chairperson. The ceremony featured speeches, Quran recitations, and musical performances, highlighting the importance of bridging communities and honoring exemplary service.

Ikhlaq Kashkari, renowned for his leadership and governance skills, received recognition for his extensive involvement in New Zealand’s Muslim community. As President of the New Zealand Muslim Association and Chairperson of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, Kashkari has played pivotal roles in governance, stakeholder management, and advisory capacities. His dedication extends to collaborating with governmental agencies and enhancing business performance in various organizations.

Additionally, the event honored other community figures like Ann Degia Pala for her contributions to women’s organizations and interfaith councils. Notable moments of the ceremony included Quran recitations, musical performances, and the presentation of awards by distinguished guests. Overall, the Eid Milap celebration underscored the significance of communal harmony and recognized individuals’ efforts in fostering unity and service within New Zealand’s Islamic community.

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At the Eid Milap celebration, the event flow and activities were carefully orchestrated to honor the occasion and its attendees.

Here’s a structured summary of the proceedings:

Tilawat E Quran E Pak: A recitation of the Holy Quran was performed by Moulana Moulvi Hafiz Junaid Saaheb, a moment of spiritual significance.

Felicitations by BJP Leaders: Mr. Sohan Mittal and Mr. Dev Bharadwaj, representing the BJP, honored Moulana Moulvi Hafiz Junaid Saaheb for his Quran recitation.

Housekeeping and Welcoming Guests: Vice President Harika Garikipati took charge of housekeeping rules, welcomed the guests, and solicited donations to support the event’s cause.

Welcoming the President: The President, Pratap Reddy, was warmly welcomed onto the dais, marking the official commencement of the event.

Introductions and Ramadan Eid Greetings: President Pratap Reddy extended warm Ramadan Eid greetings to all attendees and introduced the event team.

Welcome Speech: Ghouse Majeed delivered a welcome speech, setting the tone for the event and expressing gratitude to all participants and attendees.

Hamd: Janaab Nisar Mirza performed a Hamd, praising the glory of Allah.

Naat E Pak: Al Haj Syed Mujeeb Hyderabadi presented Naat E Pak, a poetic tribute to the Prophet Muhammad.

Award Presentation: Reginald Samuel presented the “Eminent Personality of Islamic Community” award, recognizing outstanding contributions to the Islamic community. The award winner was to be felicitated by two Hon’ble Members of Parliament.

Khawwali / Ghazals: The event concluded with soulful performances of Khawwali and Ghazals by Mr. Khalid Hussein, Mr. Nisar Mirza, Mr. Jaspreet Singh Kandhari, adding a cultural touch to the celebration.

This structured sequence encapsulates the essence of the Eid Milap celebration, blending spiritual devotion, community engagement, and cultural enrichment.

Some of the dignitaries who attended this function are Jeet Suchdev: Chairperson at Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust, Siva Kilari New Zealand National Party Shayaz Khan, Abdul Majeed, Dinesh Khadka Honorary Consul of Nepal to NZ, Haider lone, Firoz Patel, and M.Tauqir khan QSM.

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