Meet Hyderabad photographer who can ‘read messages from clouds’

Younus believes that clouds have strong messages related to nature, possible dangers, future developments, and love.

Clouds carry divine messages for humanity, believes Younus, a 27-year-old, photographer from Hyderabad who spends most of his time clicking the clouds in the sky and deciphering the messages therein.

Describing himself as a passionate nature lover, Younus has so far captured over 8,000 images of clouds, which hint at awareness messages related to nature, possible dangers, future developments, and love.


One such picture, he feels, narrates a tale of peaceful coexistence between humans and nature. When skygazers look at the picture, they immediately fall in love with it.

MS Education Academy
Fauna Fantasia: Peaceful coexistence between humans and nature

Mother bird and chick

Another image of clouds featuring a mother bird feeding her chick calls for the protection of birds and their safety. These birds, he said, largely contribute to the stability of the environment.

Mother bird and a chick

“Affection between a mother and child is displayed by clouds, giving a message to the world that nature must be protected the same way like mother protects a child,” said the photographer Younus.

Mother and child shaped among clouds

Kohinoor on Charminar

His another click, Kohinoor diamond-shaped cloud between the minarets of the historic Charminar, makes citizens recall the priced jewel that no longer belongs to Hyderabad. Today, it is a part of the crown jewels on display at the Tower of London.

Cloud in shape of Kohinoor Diamond

Global warming

A spaceship-like cloud reminds us of the existence of aliens in the universe

His another picture, shows an ape and a dragon formed by the clouds. “The flames coming out of the dragon’s mouth are relevant to the rising global warming,” lamented Younus.

Clouds shaping an ape and a howling dragon

“Crab and Bear are looking over the humans and motivating them to succeed,” explained the photographer.

Clouds in the shape of Crab and Bear

“Pterosaur, an extinct species of flying Dinosaur was captured above the fort of Bhongir, said Younus, adding that the sun, mountains and trees are permanent. However, many animals have become extinct and new animals have evolved.

“It reminds us that someday, the human race is also going to be extinct,” said Younus.

Huge cloud shaping the extinct pterosaurs, captured above the Bhongir fort
Clods depicting a lion, cat and a crocodile in discussion

Telangana shaped cloud

27-year-old Younus Farhaan started capturing cloud pictures in 2008. His hobby soon turned into a passion in 2013, when he captured a cloud in the shape of a Telangana geographic map. The state was formed the next year.

Picture of a cloud taken a year before Telangana Formation Day

World cup victory

In 2011, he captured a cloud that formed the shape of the coveted Cricket World Cup trophy. Soon after, India won its second World Cup under the captainship of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Since then, cloud pictures by Younus have been displayed at multiple locations, within and outside Telangana.

Clouds call out for ‘protection of nature’

Younus believes that clouds have strong messages for humans. People must take time from their busy schedule and glance at nature for a few minutes.

Recently, his cloud pictures were displayed to 500 girl students at Safdaria Girls High School in the city.

The motive behind the exhibition was to link the students with nature. “Though the girls were aware that clouds make shapes, they were surprised to find out the messages they wave,” said the delighted photographer.

“Nature keeps evolving and keen observation can reveal the messages hidden in the clouds related to the changing environmental trends,” said Younus.

“People must be made aware that protecting nature is the duty of every human,” he said.

A few of his photos are currently on display at the cloud exhibition at Ravindra Bahrati. ‘Fauna Fantasia’, the exhibition was inaugurated on October 4.

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