Microsoft announces ‘Copilot for Viva’ to grow workforce engagement

Other than Viva Glint, Copilot is being introduced in Viva Goals, Viva Engage, Viva Learning, Viva Topics and more.

New Delhi: Microsoft has announced “Copilot for Viva”, along with the introduction of “Viva Glint”, to help organisations create a more engaged and productive workforce.

Viva is Microsoft’s employee experience platform, which integrates goals, staff communications, learning, workplace analytics, and feedback.

Copilot in Microsoft Viva will begin rolling out to customers later in 2023, while the company will start to roll out Viva Glint to customers in July 2023.

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With Copilot, Microsoft Viva takes advantage of next-generation AI to accelerate this new performance equation, where engagement and productivity together lead to better business outcomes and success.

Other than Viva Glint, Copilot is being introduced in Viva Goals, Viva Engage, Viva Learning, Viva Topics and more.

Viva Glint is a survey tool that helps measure and improve employee engagement.

Moreover, “Viva Goals” simplifies goal setting by assisting leaders through the process of generating objectives and key results (OKRs), as well as goal management throughout the company.

“Viva Engage” assists leaders in creating captivating and inspiring posts using simple suggestions or trending topics from workplace forums and storyline talks, while, “Viva Learning” provides curated learning collections and succinct knowledge summaries targeted to individual tasks or development needs, making it easier for leaders to help skill and train the workforce.

Further, the company said that employees can utilise “Viva Topics” to learn more about significant topics and see related topics and projects through a conversational interface.

Copilot in Answers will help users construct questions with the appropriate specificity and completeness as well as extracts the pertinent topics to help categorise the question.

According to the company, Copilot in Viva is based on the Microsoft 365 Copilot System, which leverages the potential of large language models (LLMs) and combines it with the data from the Microsoft Graph and Viva apps.

This innovative approach provides leaders with an entirely novel way to gain insights into and engage with their workforce.

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